It really feels as though spring is in the air and for me this means pastel clothing, time spent outside and light, bright make up. I like to feel fresh during this time of year and that is why I really enjoy using this No.7 Beauty Balm prior to popping on my make up. It is a lovely little product that gives your complexion a soft and subtle radiant glow. I will usually apply my make up and then pump a pea-sized amount of the beauty balm on to my finger tips and gently pat the product around my face until it has all blended in. It creates a very light pink shimmer which I know sounds slightly daunting but once your base has been applied as normal, it creates a lovely glow to your skin. In the Above picture there is a small amount of what it looks like when pumped out of the bottle, and on the right I have blended the product into the back of my hand. It is a very light finish with only the smallest amount of shimmer to reflect the light particles when shone on to your face. It feels extremely light-weight on the skin, to the point at which I cannot even tell that it has been applied it is so light. It comes in a pretty large bottle and because of the small amount required will last a great deal of time. I think this is a perfect little addition to a spring makeup bag as I feel it really gives the skin that added boost after being hidden away with full-coverage over the winter months.
What are your latest spring-time make up essentials?