My new contouring pal, an easy introduction into the world of make up definition...
Nars is fast becoming one of my go to make up brands, especially for high-end beauty staples. I already have the Sheer Glow Foundation ( review ) and the Radiant Creamy Concealer ( review ) when combined creates a perfect base for the rest of my make up. Contouring is quickly becoming part of everyone's routines and I had been using a matte powder bronzer in an attempt to draw out my own cheek bones but wasn't achieving the desired look. After reading many a blog post on different products that have worked for various beauty bloggers, I went and had a chat with the girl on my local Nars counter to have a little chat about their Multiples.
Nars have an extensive range of Multiples, the name based on the fact that the product has multiple uses as it can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyelids, which vary from Matte to Shimmer finishes. Once you have decided what you want your Multiple for, the search for the best one can be narrowed. For example, I wanted something that I could use for contouring and so my search was narrowed to the Matte finishes and brown shades. However, if you were wanting a summer staple you may look at the Shimmer finishes in pink-y tones which would be suitable to use on the cheeks, lips and eye lids.
The shade I opted for was Altai which was a medium to light shade within their 'contouring' range. It is a coffee colour with hints of deep orange mixed into it, and as you can see from the swatches above when first applied the colour looks quite shocking, but when blended ( which is unbelievably easy ) it becomes a much more natural tone.
Supposedly it can be applied both wet and dry however I find that the consistency is creamy enough that it can be easily blended when applied dry. When I first began to use this product I would draw it straight on to my face in the desired areas and then blend out with a brush. Recently however, I have found that a more natural finish is achieved when I pick the product up with a brush and blend with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush ( review ) on the desired areas. I have just ordered the Real Techniques Sculpting Set and so my application process may change yet again.
I prep my skin in my usual fashion; cleanse, tone, moisturise and then apply my foundation and concealer before picking up the Nars Matte Multiple. My contouring technique is applying the product just under my cheek bones, under my chin, along the hair-line above my eye brows and down the sides of my nose. I then set my make up with some translucent powder to take away any unwanted shine, and then apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter.
Have you tried any of the Nars Multiples? What contouring products do you like to use?