A summer wardrobe staple that I can't put down, it goes with everything...

I have been in need of an everyday handbag update for quite a while. I really love my Cath Kidston over the shoulder number but I feel it is a litter wintery and quite heavy duty and I fancied something a little more flexible in terms of casualness. I saw this over-sized tan bag in Miss Selfridge the other week and instantly fell in love.
The colour was what initially drew me to this item as I thought it would be perfect during the summer months. I have bought quite a few tan pumps and sandals from Primark recently and so I thought it would help to tie my outfits together. I also love the size of this bag. With it being an over-sized number it sort of acts as a statement piece which can set the theme of my summer outfits as I can base them around the bag. I'm thinking flower trousers, white tops sandals and sunnies with bangles and long pendants - a very boho look. I am also going on holiday in a few weeks and we are only taking hand luggage and so I thought this would be a good sized carry on as you are allowed one other bag as well as your carry on case.
The simplicity of the design with the small gold buckles and black stitching is another bonus as it creates a very versatile item and therefor a wardrobe staple. It has long straps which means that it goes over the shoulder with ease yet has a little extra length that allows you to reach into the bag without having to slip it off your arm. Ideal when your phone is ringing but you've got a handful of shopping in your other hand! What's more when I got to the counter it had 30% off so it ended up costing me just over £20, such a bargain!
What wardrobe staples have you bought for the summer months?