A new healthy addition to our kitchen which will hopefully get me eating more fruit...
Me and the boy have been wanting a smoothie maker for ages but I really fancied one which would be very low maintenance and simple to use. We were in Next a few weeks ago having a look around the home-wear section and stumbled across this little device. It seemed a little too good to be true if I'm completely honest as I thought that for a mere £20 it wasn't going to be the most amazing of blenders. I have been very happily surprised however and so glad that we decided to part with that £20.
It is a very simple design in that you have two bottles and two lids, a screw top blender blade and a base with one power button. All you have to do is pop the ingredients into your bottle, screw on the blender blade, turn the bottle upside down, attach to the base and press blend. It's great because the blade is powerful enough to blend frozen things such as berries, and there is minimal washing up to do afterwards. Also, because there are two bottles me and the boy can have one each so he can mix up a batch of protein shake and I can have a fruit smoothie without having to wash in between goes.
In this post I have shown in pictures my typical smoothie that I enjoy making which is quite a healthy afternoon or mid-morning snack to have between meals.
A generous handful of frozen mixed berries
A table spoon of natural low fat Greek yoghurt
About 100ml of apple juice
Topped up with water to a preferred consistency
I sometimes add in half a banana instead of the yoghurt or other fresh fruit that I may have in the fridge. This was such a bargain for only £20 and because of it's simplicity it has encouraged me to have healthy smoothies more often.
Do you have a smoothie maker? What ingredients do you use in your favourite smoothies?