Nails Inc is one of my go to brands when it comes to nail polishes...
I love Nails Inc nail varnishes and have a fair few in my collection. I picked up this little Special Effects trio whilst it was on offer for only £4.99, such a bargain! The idea is that once a base coat and polish has been applied, one of the two crackle effect top coats or the glittery blue top coat to give a new dimension to an otherwise plain polish.
I have applied a Barbie pink and a baby pink to alternative nails and then used the black crackle effect polish as a top coat for the Barbie pink and the neon pink crackle effect polish as a top coat for the baby pink. I was surprised at how well the crackle effect worked on the nails but I think I prefer the neon pink, especially during these spring/summer months as I feel the black is a tad too harsh for me. I am yet to try the blue glittery top coat but I feel this would be more appropriate for the winter months as apposed to now.
Have you tried any of the Nails Inc Special Effect polishes?