A dish with a twist; Greek salad, a light lunch or evening meal...
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know that I have just been on a lovely family holiday to Cyprus for a week in the sun. If you fancy seeing some pictures from my trip or having a read of what I got up to, I published a Look Book last week here. We decided to have a really relaxing time whilst we were away so there was lots of sunbathing, lounging by the pool and meals out. I ate a lot of salad, mostly Greek salad which is beautifully simple and delicious. Since being back in England I have been trying to eat a bit more healthy and so have been having the odd Greek salad on an evening.
Carrying on with my 'A Step Into The Kitchen' series, I thought that I would introduce the simplistic Greek salad which you could have in the traditional sense or with a bit of a twist depending on your personal taste. The basics to a Greek salad are all fresh ingredients served raw and chopped into bite-sized pieces.
Red or White Cabbage
Lettuce Leaves
Feta Cheese
A Light Oil/Basil Dressing
These are the eight main components of a typical Greek Salad which makes it extremely easy to prepare and fairly cheep to buy. Especially if you think that you can buy a whole cabbage which will keep for a while and provide many salad portions. The feta cheese and olives will be the most expensive part to this dish but you only need a small amount and you can taste the flavour throughout. Although this is a substantial dish for me, it can leave me feeling a little peckish a few hours later and so if I decide to have this as an evening meal I have also been adding extra ingredients. Pictured above is tuna and red onion mixed with a small amount of mayo, and below that is chicken with a honey and mustard dressing. These extra toppings help to keep me feeling fuller for longer and make it a bit more of a substantial meal to have on an evening as opposed to a light lunch.
Do you like eating Greek Salads? What type of salad do you like to eat?