Having long thick hair and working as a waitress, more often than not means that my hair is tired up in some sort of fashion. Understandably this can cause quite a lot of tension and I suffer from headaches fairly frequently. When I read up on invisibobbles I knew I had to give them a try as shops and bloggers alike raved about this "Traceless hair ring" that put little strain on your hair, evenly distributed the weight and discouraged big kinks in your hair. I was placing an order on the Topshop website and these popped up for £3.99 so I added them to my basket and thought I would see if they were worth the hype.

Firstly, I'd just like to say that these hair bobble substitutes are not ideal for or indented to hold in place a hair style that you would like to remain perfect for a full day. For example, if I were going out for the day and had styled my hair in an updo with the intention of it staying in place, I would use an ordinary hair bobble. Due to the Invisi Bobble being a Traceless hair ring that doesn't pull your hair or put strain on your scalp, as I'm sure you can imagine, it is not the most secure hair-tye in the world. 

This being said, I would still highly recommend the invisibobble to anyone that does tie up the hair on a regular basis as it does provide a huge amount of comfort and I have noticed a decrease in headaches. I usually wear it around the house on an off day, whilst I'm putting my make up on or when I'm asleep. I have found that tying my hair up in the invisibobble when I just need my hair off of my face but not when I need it to be particularly tidy is when it works best for me. It is great to wear during bed as it is loose and doesn't pull your hair whilst you're asleep and when you wake up it is kink-free and ready to style without having to re-wash it. Also when I am putting on my make up on or morning or before a night out, I have found that tying up my hair with an invisibobble means that again my hair remains kink-free and ready to style. 

What are your thoughts about the invisibobble?