I really struggled this year as to know what to get the boy for his birthday. With us both working we pretty much buy what we want when we want it, and I wouldn't have wanted to get him anything music related or electrical as I know he would want to pick that out himself. So I had a think and decided to take us away for a night somewhere. I was recommended a 'Glamping' trip by a friend which is basically "posh" camping. The idea is that you stay in a little pod which has electricity, heating, lights and a little fridge and a kettle, yet you're still experiencing the outdoors, surrounded by wonderful scenery. We both had a lovely time and went out for a beautiful meal at a local pub around the corner. I would really recommend Humble Bee Farm if you're from the North and fancy a cheaper slightly alternative night away, without all of the fuss of camping. The staff were really friendly and welcoming, and with it being a working farm there was lots to see. It is situated in between Scarborough and Filey, both of which are lovely little sea-side towns and we spent the following morning having a walk by the coast enjoying a lovely cup of tea. Below are just a few pictures of our stay - hope you enjoy!


Would you like to try a 'Glamping' experience?