May seems to have been the month of trying new beauty products and I have been loving some real beauts! I have got some blog posts lined up with more in-depth reviews so for now I'll do a brief little over view of the mains reasons why I have been loving these products.
My skin was terrible at the end of April/beginning of May, I think mainly because I was really run down and was quite unwell, either way I wanted to get it sorted and cleared up as it was really knocking my self confidence. I decided to pop into Lush because all of their ingredients are completely natural and handmade and so I thought I would see what they had on offer. The girl in the shop was really helpful and together we worked out that my skin was quite dry and lacked moisture, yet I was breaking out. I left the shop with two fantastic skincare products, a Skin Drink daily moisturiser and a Magnaminty face mask. Over the past few weeks my skin really has cleared up after using the moisturiser every day and the face mask about once every 3 days. It still isn't completely clear but the improvement after just two weeks truly is impressive.
I have also really been loving the St Tropez Everyday Face and Everyday Body Gradual Tan, both in medium/dark. I am a big lover of fake tan but usually opt for a cheap-ish gradual tan. I was in TK Max a few weeks ago and saw this duo for only £12.99! I couldn't believe my eyes as they were priced at £9.99 separately and even that is a huge discount! I have never tried St Tropez fake tan before (read about their body polish here) but I can fully appreciate now why so many people fork out their pennies for it. It is very soft and gentle on the skin, soaks in very fast and provides a very nice and natural looking tan. I have been applying it every four days or so, so that I don't look so painfully British when I get on holiday!
Another favourite of mine as been the Topshop Oo La La coral lipstick which I have written about in more detail here. It is the perfect summer lipstick with gorgeous rose-gold detail on the packaging. It has a creamy consistency with great lasting power and will be even more perfect once I have a tan. I also bought some Invisibobbles whist I was in Topshop which haven't left my hair since the day I bought them. I have really long, think hair and so these are ideal as they don't pull on the hair and make your head a little less strained after wearing it tied up all day.
What beauty products have been your favourites throughout May?