If your skin could reach out and grab a drink, this would be the one it would go for...

About a month ago my skin was absolutely terrible. I think it was a combination of being poorly, stuck inside with a lack of fresh air, a rubbishy diet (because I wasn't feeling well) and a lack of exercise (again because I wasn't feeling well) and it was a really big blow to my self confidence. I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to break outs on my face as I have always seemed to get them few and far between. Lately however, it has become a daily battle to try and get my skin back on track. I decided to head out to Lush and thought that maybe if I re-vamped my skincare products it might breathe a little life into my skin. I opted for Lush as apposed to a beauty counter as I thought that the natural, organic ingredients may do my skin some good.
I left the shop, after a chat with one of the lovely sales assistants, with two products, one of which was their Skin Drink Moisturiser, if you want to find out what the other one was you'll have to pop back and have a read of tomorrow's post! The problem, it seemed, with my skin was that although it had been breaking out of late, it was lacking a lot of essential moisture and it was the lack of natural oils that was increasing the production of spots. I know it may sound a bit backwards but this little pot of cream has actually done wonders for my skin over the past few weeks. It contains water, Sesame Oil, Rose Petal Infusion, fresh Avocado, Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Extract and Evening Primrose Oil, all of which, as I'm sure you can imagine, provide an awful lot of rich moisture. This product however soaks in unbelievably well and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy in the slightest - it does actually feel as though your skin has had a huge drink!
I have been applying it to my skin morning and night after cleansing and I have noticed an incredible difference in the appearance over the past few weeks. The smell of the product was something that I had to get used to as it doesn't have the most conventional skincare scent, but it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I would really recommend it as a moisturiser if you are having problems with your skin in terms of breakouts, and don't be too put off by the fact that it is an intense and rich cream.
What skincare staples do you use to prevent or help with breakouts?