Real Techniques are fast becoming my new go-to brand when it comes to make up brushes. I find that they are so lovely and soft, keep their shape and apply make up precisely as I want it too. As an added bonus they are also really affordable and look really cute - what more could I want from a make up brush? I quite like that they also bring out limited collection packs of brushes every-so-often which are usually a fantastic bargain. I picked up the Collector's Edition Sculpting Set a few weeks ago which were originally priced at just over £20 (a bargain in itself) but I spotted them whilst they were on offer for a mere £13.99! I was so chuffed when I saw this and added them to my basket straight away.
This is a really lovely collection to own and I use each of the three brushes in my everyday routine. There is a Setting Brush which is slightly larger than a blending eye shadow brush. Originally I used this brush to apply powder around my eye and nose area, which I think is what it is supposed to be used for. However, for the last few weeks I have been using it to apply my new Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer which is in liquid form. I find that applying the concealer with this brush provides a very flawless and evenly blended finish.
I have been using the Fan Brush, which is a flat hand-fan-like shape to apply my powder once I have applied my foundation and concealer. It is beautifully thin which means that it doesn't pick up too much product and evenly distributes the powder over my face. The final brush in the pack is the Sculpting Brush which is recommended to be used for contouring. As this brush is quite dense, I have found that for me, it works better when I use it to apply blusher as opposed to bronzer.
I have really been enjoying these three brushes and would definitely recommend them as a set to be used for everyday use. I would suggest having a play with them rather than just using them as they are recommended as you may find, like me, that they are better suited for different products.
What are your thoughts on the Real Techniques Sculpting Set?