Breakfast is by far my most favourite meal of the day...

Although my A Step Into The Kitchen series is supposed to be about me actually making or prepping food, I thought that a little post on breakfast would slot in quite nicely. I love breakfast, although I should probably be more specific in saying that I love breakfast, when I have the time to have it. On a usual working day my breakfast is pretty simple and pretty boring. I am usually rushing around before work trying to make sure that I have everything, that I have time to put on my face, decide what to wear...! And so quite often breakfast on these days is pushed to the back of my mind. I usually opt for granola with natural or greek yoghurt, or bran flakes topped with raisins and semi-skimmed milk. 

On my days off however, I love nothing more than waking up and having time to prep an amazing breakfast, or calling a friend and heading out in to town somewhere for a breakfast/brunch. One of my favourite places to go for breakfast is Bill's. If you haven't been before, you seriously need to try it out! They have a fairly varied breakfast menu and I would say that there is something for everyone. It has quite a rustic-style setting with worn wooden tables, big vintage lamps and huge mirrors on the walls. It has quite a London-ish feel to it with a very relaxed atmosphere. I also love trying new places to have my morning meal and yesterday I popped into a lovely little cafe called Coffee Culture which was very warm and welcoming. It is in an old terrace house and so it has little tiny rooms on different levels which is really sweet and quirky. 

I think that going out for breakfast is a really nice way to socialise, without taking up your whole day. I work quite a few hours at quite a fast paced job and so my days off are very precious to me. I love getting up early and meeting a friend or relative for breakfast, having a catch up and a natter, yet still feel as though the rest of the day is my own. Also, if I am meeting someone I usually suggest breakfast, not just because I love little mini Croissants or a latte and a pancake, but it is usually a lot cheaper. So you can go to really nice places like Bill's for a filling meal and great service, without having to pay huge prices.

Having a bigger breakfast than usual or indulging on a lovely breakfast out really sets me up for the day. Waking up early and leaving the house to meet a friend or even just if I go by myself, wakes up my body and boosts my metabolism for the day. I feel like it gives me a big energy boost so that when I get home I have the energy to clean the house, or do some blogging or clear out my wardrobe. I feel like it makes me more productive than if I were to have a lie-in or not get dressed until mid-day, and makes my days off more worth-while. Now don't get me wrong, I love my bed as much as the next person, and there were some days while I was at university that I wouldn't get dressed or leave the house all day! I guess I'm just getting a little older now and want to do something a bit more productive when I do have a day off, especially since the weather has been so lovely lately. 

What do you like to do on your days off? Do you like breakfast as much as me?