As you may already know, I am huge lover of Benefit Cosmetics. I worked for them for about 18months as a beauty assistant and I absolutely loved it. Although it is a premium make up brand it is very fun and girly with great quality products with a fun and cheeky outlook. As it is always the way, I seem to have run out of my core make up products at around the same time, so although I get to have a little shopping trip - it isn't the best feeling when you next look at your bank balance! I received an e-mail from Benefit however with a 'Nice Package' deal link. At first I presumed that I would just be spending money for the sake of it however, it ended up being a fantastic bargain as all of the products that I was going to buy already were included in the deal.
So 'Nice Package' is basically a bundle deal at the set price of £60. The idea is that you can pick one base product, one cheek product and one eye product that is delivered to your door in a free make up bag with a couple of samples, which is the 'Nice Package'. The e-mail that I received however had a promotional offer added which included a free lip balm in the choice of your colour. I decided on Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Ivory for my base product (RRP: £26.50), Hoola Bronzer powder as my cheek product (RRP: £23.50) and the They're Real mascara as my eye product (RRP: £19.50). Like I say, this package deal was great for me as I was already planning on purchasing these three core make up products of mine and so the bundle ended up saving me £9 but then I also received a free make up bag and a lip balm (RRP: £14.50) - so it was a bit of a no-brainer!
I didn't place my order straight away as I wasn't too sure if I wanted to fork out that much money and boy am I glad I delayed. About two days after my initial 'Nice Package' e-mail I received another e-mail from Benefit with a free Jet Set Lip Gloss Pack when you spent £40 or over. This was the deciding factor for me and I placed my order straight away! This four pack lip gloss set is worth over £24 on it's own and so saved me even more money!
I know it can be argued that I didn't save more than £9 as I wasn't going to buy the other products if they weren't included in the deal, but it was certainly a 'Nice Package' to receive for only £60. Another bonus was that because I spent over £50 and so I also received free post and packaging which is usually around £4. So all in all for £60 I received £108 worth of products, a free make up bag, two free samples and free post and packaging - a pretty sweet deal in my eyes!
Have you bought anything from Benefit lately? What are your thoughts about the 'Nice Package' deal?