As a huge lover of fake tan, I couldn't pass over the chance to try a gradual tan body wash...
St Tropez are one of the top brands when it comes to fake tan, not only because of their incredible product quality, or their ability to provide such a natural looking tan, but also because of their fantastic range of products. Personally I have tried their Body Polish, which is a great prep-product to use before applying fake tan ( read a full review here ) and their gradual tan for the face and for the body ( again, read full reviews here ). A few weeks ago Boots announced that they would be selling the St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion for the introductory price of £9.99 which was just two thirds of the usual price.
The idea is that you can take this little tanning product into the shower with you and wash your face, hair ect as usual. Then you use the St Tropez body wash and lather it up all over your body, leaving it to soak into your skin for three minutes. Once your three minutes is up you rinse your body, pat dry and enjoy the results. One of the draw backs to this however is the fact that you do need to stand in the shower, without any water running for three minutes, which becomes a surprisingly long time when you are dripping wet and freezing cold! To combat this however, I have been using it in the bath rather than the shower, and just on the top half of my body as I can then leave it on for the full three minutes without getting cold.
I would say that this is by no means a quick fix. It is a very gradual, very subtle fake tan product. I would say that it is a really good product to use to top up and maintain a natural tan. If you were wanting to look like a golden goddess however, I would recommend trying one of St Tropez's other tanning products such as the gradual tan ( link ). I would also recommend this product to those of you who might have quite fair skin or if you are introducing yourself to the idea of fake tan as this is a good product to ease you in.

What're your thoughts about the St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion?