My Before Bed Beauty Routine...
Like most people I’m sure, I have a little routine before going to sleep on an evening. Once I have got my PJs on, brushed my teeth and taken off my make up, I still have a few other little beauty bits that I like to carry out before drifting into the land of nod.
I bought this lavender pillow spray from Avon's Sleeptherapy range a while ago. I bought a budget one to see how I got on with it and it has now become part of my before bed routine. I like to spray a few squirts on to my pillow and my bed sheets before starting my evening ritual to allow it to sink into the fibres. I find it really peaceful climbing into bed and having the lavender aroma waft around me.
Another favourite from the Avon Sleeptherapy range is their restful night sleep balm. This is another lavender infused product with the consistency of a lip balm that you rub on to the temples. I find it a really therapeutic thing to do before bed as I quite often get tension headaches and I feel like this is quite a calming step in my routine.
I stocked up on a few bits from LUSH a while ago and when I got to the counter I was offered a charity pot. It is basically a tiny little pot of moisturiser which they sell for just £1 and 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) go to good causes. It contains cocoa butter and it is a lovely rich and nourishing hand and body lotion. I like to apply it before bed on the backs of my hands, elbows and another other particularly dry patches of skin.
I get particularly dry and chapped lips so I like to apply a couple of layers of lip balm before bed to allow my lips to soak up the moisture and feel nice and nourished in the morning. Currently I am loving the Baby Lips by Maybelline in Cherry Velvet. I'm not a huge fan of the smell but it is a lovely lip balm that soaks into the lips and leaves them feeling silky soft.
The last step in my before bed routine is to apply a generous layer of Soap & Glory's Endless Glove Moisture Mask & Hand Cream. This is a really lovely hand cream that has the classic, fresh and fruity Soap & Glory scent. It soaks into the skin really quickly and leaves them feeling super soft.
What are your evening beauty essentials?