All bloggers have different ways of organising themselves and writing blog posts. For me personally, I like to plan quite a bit when it comes to content and taking pictures and so I like to remain relatively organised. Working a full-time 9-5 job is quite time consuming in itself just in terms of keeping on top of house work, having a social life and attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym and cooking healthy meals. I find that if I do a little bit of blog based planning everyday, then it allows me to keep on top of my schedule and keep it fun and not a chore.  
This is just a plain ruled note book that I bought in the accessorize sale back in January. I like to use this to plan out  each blog post and jot down ideas  for content. I hand write sections, one for each month with a page titled Initial Ideas. On this page I can jot down post ideas that I might want to dedicate a blog post to within that month. That way, if we are currently in the month of September for example, I can jot down a quick idea for a blog post for October. I usually don’t like to plan too far ahead as I like my posts to be relatively up to date with what is going on in my life. However, it does come in handy if I am going to an event or trying out a new piece of skincare which may take a couple of weeks for me to form an opinion on.

Following my Initial Ideas page I then plan out each time I will be blogging within that month, dedicating half a day to each blog post. At the moment I publish my posts on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So I have a double page spread for each week which I find keeps me organised and focused on what blog posts I need to plan for the week. I like to have three check boxes under each of the four sections on the double page spread titled; Pictures Taken, Post Written, Post Published. This is so that I can quickly get myself up to speed with where I am  and prioritise what needs doing. I then have room underneath each section to write any notes to either jog my memory or remind me of anything before I write up my blog post.
I recently bought an Olympus Pen camera which is what I now take all of my blog photos with. Before then I always just used my trusty Iphone 5 camera. I didn’t buy my new camera specifically  for blogging, I had been wanting one for ages as my previous digital camera was really out of date and my phone camera had over-taken it in terms of picture quality. It is a beautiful camera, not only to look at but also in terms of quality. It is so easy to use and has an internal WiFi which means you can easily connect and transport your pictures on t your phone or computer. It has a touch screen viewer which can also flip round which is great for cheeky selfies. The video and sound quality is great too so for any vloggers out there, it is ideal for on the go filming. I love that it has the ability to really focus on what you want to take a picture of whilst blurring out the background giving a shaper image.
I bought this diary from the Pound Shop of all places, as I was quite specific in wanting a diary that had a full page per day. I love to be organised, unfortunately however, I am a very forgetful person that gets quite anxious if I have too many things to think about at any one time. By way of combatting this, I like to make lists – and a lot of them! I like to use this diary, not only to plan ahead and work out what I need to do in terms of my blog, but also things that I need to get done within my personal life. I find that it just makes everything run a little smoother and I don’t have to worry about forgetting things as it is all written down and out of my head.

 What are your blogging essentials?