Traveling on a plane can make you feel tired, messy, grimy and just not your best and so I like to pack a few on-flight beauty essentials to make me feel a little more me...


Anti-perspirant and body spray are a must for me. I find that I can get quite hot and cold whilst traveling both in the airport and on the plane itself. As a result, I always feel like a need a shower to get myself sorted. However, having to wait until you've reached your hotel before that, these two are a must. I really like the Impluse range of body spays which not only leaving you smelling good, but refreshed. A spray on deo is also a must for me as it seems to cool me down a little and I feel much better than just using a roll-on.


Being on a plane and at an airport, I get so grossed out at many dirty things we touch with our hands. I am usually found carrying these two must-haves with me wherever I go, but they will definitely be needed on a flight! Soap and Glory's Hand Maid is a beautifully scented anti-bacterial hand sanitizer which leaves my mits nice and clean. I also like to apply a little Cath Kidston Hand Cream which leaves my hands feeling really soft but not slimy or sticky. 

I like to touch up my make up a little when I am on a plane, just so that I feel a little more like myself. I don't wear a full face of make up whilst I am traveling anyway but a little touch up with some Translucent Powder, some nourishment for my dry lips and  little pop of colour on my cheeks, is just enough to make me feel a little better.

What are your on-flight beauty essentials?