Yesterday I wrote all about my trip to Sephora whilst I was over in New York and the beauty and makeup bits that I picked up while I was there. Today, I thought I would write a quick little post to show you what else I bought whilst I was over in America and Canada that wasn't from Sephora! Again, I will leave links where I can, but I won't go into too much detail about any one item as many will most likely feature in future beauty and fashion posts. I hope you have fun having a look through my purchases!
NYC Fireplace Christmas Decoration - Market Stall in New York
Wooden Maple Leaf Niagara Falls Christmas Decoration -  A Little Souvenir Shop

Benefit Triple Pack of Triple Performing Moisturiser - Duty Free

No- Socks - A Shoe Shop - but I can't remember the name!

Forever 21 Manhattan Note Book 

Forever 21Contour Makeup Brush - Link

Levis Striped Vest - Couldn't find it on the website
Two Crop Tops From The H&M Sale 

Flowery Blue Shops From The H&M Sale

Pair of Pale Grey Vans - Link
What have you been buying lately?