Packing for a holiday can sometimes be the most stressful part about going away...
I absolutely love traveling and going away on holiday, but I find that packing my bags is the worst, and most stressful part, about going away. I have been planning for weeks it feels like, what I want to take with me to New York and I came to the conclusion that if I pick out and decide what luggage I want to take, then hopefully this will make packing slightly easier.
As we are going away for two weeks, and I plan on doing quite a bit of shopping, a hold luggage suitcase was a must. This way, after I have cleared the shelves in Sephora, I can pack all of my purchases without going over my liquid allowance and weight limit.

I will also be taking this blue and white bag as my carry on case. I thought that it was a great size as it fits perfectly on top of my suitcase and has the little strap on the back to hold it in place. It is big enough to carry all of my on-flight necessities, yet small enough for me to swing over my shoulder once we have checked our bags in.

I picked up this cute little bum bag (or fanny pack) from Amazon and I am in love. My family laughed at me when I first said that I wanted to take one of these instead of a regular handbag. My intention is to take a camera bag which is big enough to fit my Olympus Pen and all of its accessories and so I didn't want to have to worry about too many bags. (This isn't photographed as it hasn't yet arrived whilst I am writing this post!) This way I know that my phone and purse are safe, and my hands will be free to snap shots, drink coffee and eat pretzels.

I bought these packing cubes from Ikea a few months ago and they are a really handy way of packing. I like to pack all of my tops into one, pants and socks into the smallest, cardies into another and leggings and shorts in the final one. I find that keeping it all together makes it a lot easier to find things whilst you're away, and makes everything a lot easier to get to if you need something in a hurry.

My mum bought me this little Emma Bridgewater travel case a few years ago and it is so good to take away. It has four separate compartments for Currency, Passports, Tickets and Documents. I like having all of my important bits and bobs all in once handy case that is easy to slip in and out of your bag whilst at the airport or checking into your hotel. Plus it's really pretty!

What travel items do you take away with you when you go on holiday?