As the seasons change, I always think that it is nice to make a change to my make up, wardrobe and skin care, as I feel you need and want different things depending on the time of year. I thought that it'd be nice to show a few of the bits and bobs I have added to my daily make up routine and I make the transition into Autumn.
During the summer months I haven't felt the need to use a primer before applying my make up. I think that because it is warmer I don't like to have too many products on my face. Once serum, moisturiser and foundation or tinted moisturiser are applied that's already three layers of product on my skin. However, as the weather cools and the sun's rays aren't quite as intense I find myself picking up the primers once again. They are beneficial, especially the more make up you wear, as they do help it last a lot longer and remain in place. My go-to primer for years now has been the POREfesseional primer from Benefit Cosmetics. The silicon texture creates an incredibly soft surface that smoothes our pores and blemishes, and almost acts as a magnet for my makeup.
Not only do I tend to wear more base product in the cooler months, I also like to wear a little more eye shadow which is why I have been applying the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion of late. I picked up this little purple tube in Sephora when I went to New York recently, you can read about what other products I picked up here, and what else I got up to in New York here. I though that this was going to be a tube of product that you squeezed on to your fingertips, but the lid is actually a doe-foot applicator which is great as it evenly distributes a controlled amount of product onto a specific area. It has a light texture that helps to maintain eye shadows and keeps them extremely long-wearing.

I'm not sure if it is the cooler weather, the lack of vitamin D or the increase in Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, but during Autumn and the winter months I find myself reaching more and more for a concealer to cover up blemishes on my face. I bought the Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in the shade Custard from Sephora, again whilst I was in New York. I have loved the Nars Radiant Cream Concealer for a while now, but was looking for one with similar effects that was a little more purse friendly for everyday use. This formula is fantastic for blending and matches my skin tone perfectly. The applicator allows the product to be put onto the skin in a very controlled manner and hides blemishes and redness with ease.

During summer, as well as not liking to wear to many base products, I also limit the amount of eye make up that I like to wear, often opting for a more natural look. I feel as though this is an easier style of makeup to maintain during warmer weather as make up can wear off so easily. During Autumn however, I like to up my eye make up often opting for more of a smokey eye and eye liner. During the day time, as I tend to reserve liquid liner for an evening, I have really enjoyed using Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stag. It is so easy to apply as it really does glide on to the eye area without tugging on the lids, and creates a smokey eye effect with just a couple of strokes. What I love as well is the staying power of this grey/brown pencil, as it really does last all day with virtually no need to top up.

When it comes to Autumnal eyes, I also tend to incorporate more eye shadows into my daily routine. I am a big fan of the smokey eye, however I reserve the truly dark shades for winter wear. During Autumn, I like to create a softer smokey eye with soft browns and creams. I really like the two shades from No.7 which don't appear to have names. One is a soft cream with a hint of shimmer, the other is a light coffee with a hint of gold shimmer running through it. Both very subtle yet provide the right amount of definition to create a soft smokey eye.
I won't go on too much in the section as I have already written a full review of my thoughts of my latest Mac Duo which you can read here. I have found that Mac's Pro-Longwear Lip Liner in He Said She Said, compliments the new Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus so well, and together they make the perfect Autumn Lip. I'm not a huge fan of plum and brown lipstick, although I think they look great on other people. This red with hints of orange feels a lot more within my comfort zone and I love it.
What makeup products will you be wearing this Autumn?