Following on from my Transition Into Autumn posts today I am discussing which skincare pieces I have been loving now that we are moving into the cooler months. Much like make up and fashion, I like to switch around my skincare at this time of year as my skin seems to demand different things when the weather gets a little colder.
I have been loving this face wash from the Nars Skin collection. Although it is described as an exfoliating wash it is incredibly gentle on the skin. For me I find that it works well as an everyday wash because it isn't like a scrub, but just seems to remove the dirt providing a deep clean as opposed to a proper exfoliator.
During the summer months I can usually get away with just using cleanser and toner as I tend to use less make up. However when the colder weather arrives I like to apply a little extra makeup, especially on the eye area and so it is needed to have a little extra help to take it off at the end of the day. This Botanics Eye Makeup Remover is quite oily but it removes mascara and eyeliner with such ease.

This Snake Venom Face Scrub* from Brodie and Stone is a great product for Autumnal weather as it really exfoliates and cleanses your skin, making it feel as though it has had a truly deep clean. I like to use it a couple of times a week to really feel as though I am getting rid of any impurities on my face.
Another Autumnal essential from Brodie and Stone is again from their Snake Venom range which is their Face Mask* designed to tone, purify and refresh the skin. I really enjoy using this mask as it contains clay but is extremely softening and doesn't dry rock hard. It is so easy to remove as it don't pull on the skin, and provides a layer of moisture.
I wrote a review of this bargain serum a few months ago and I am still really enjoying it as a daily serum. Aldi have quite a few different skincare products but this serum won a few awards and I can completely understand why. It is really soft and gentle on the skin providing a perfect base for my moisturiser.
During the cooler months my skin seems to crave moisture. I think that it must be something to do with the cool wind which is harsh on my skin, and central heating drying out my skin. Either way, I like to make sure that I use a thicker moisturiser than I use in the warmer months and Lush's Skin Drink is perfect for this. It is thick but soaks in really quickly, genuinely making my skin feel as though it had had a huge shot of moisture.
I usually don't tend to use an eye cream during the warmer months, but as I've said, my skin seems to crave extra moisture during colder weather and so I tend to adopt an eye cream around this time of year. The Snake Venom Eye Cream* from Brodie and Stone is really nice to use as it is quite thick and feels as though it is nourishing for the under eye area.
What changes do you make to your skincare routine when making a Transition Into Autumn?