I think that a flannel shirt is a definite Autumnal staple. It can be worn in a number of different ways and is a great transitional piece from summer into winter. Autumn is a bit of a strange time of year as the mornings can be so so cold, yet by the afternoon you are boiling, which then turns into a chilly evening. For me, Autumn is the season of strategic layering when it comes to fashion pieces. I love to make sure that I have enough layers so that I can strip off if I need too, yet put back on and keep me warm as the weather turns. This is why a flannel shirt is so great for this time of year as it is a great piece that works well with layering. Here are a few of my favourite ways to style a flannel shirt.
This is probably the most common way that I like to style a flannel shirt. There is something so comfy and casual about throwing on a pair of jeans, a plain white cami-top and then putting a flannel shirt on top to finish off the look. It is a little more than just wearing a cardigan, but you are not committed to wearing a shirt if the weather gets a little brighter and warmer in the afternoon as you can take it off whist still wearing a top underneath.
Although this is probably the least common way I tend to style my flannel shirts, I think that there is something quite nice about buttoning it up and tucking it into jeans. I think that this is a good option if you were perhaps meeting a friend for a coffee, so you wanted to look like you've made a bit more of an effort whilst remaining fairly casual and comfy.
When it is a little cooler during the day and I am maybe going shopping or nipping out of the house, I like to style my flannel shirt over the top of a tee-shirt or cami-top, and then layer my leather jacket over the top. This again is part of my strategic layering for this time of year, and the look remains casual as the cuffs and bottom of the shirt are usually longer than the sleeves and length of my jacket.
So I guess this style is more for summer and festivals as it is always handy to have a shirt around your waist for when you're sitting down on the grass, or for when the sun goes down. However, I feel this way of styling a flannel shirt is still appropriate for Autumn for those times in the afternoon when the weather is a little warmer, or to have as a precaution if it turns out to be cooler than you had originally thought.
How do you like to style a flannel shirt during the Autumnal months?