My latest Mac additions, the perfect pair for Autumn/Winter lips, an easy to wear classic...
As all beauty bloggers will know, or those of you that just love makeup, Mac seams to be the place to go when looking for a new lipstick. It has only been in the last two years or so that I have actually started to wear lipstick on a daily basis. Before then, I would always opt for a lip balm or plain gloss as I always thought that lipsticks were too much of an up keep during the day. However, I was assured that this was merely because I hadn't yet found the right lipstick for me. So I did what I do best and had a little bit of a Google, did some research, and it turned out that most places were pointing me in the direction of Mac Cosmetics. I tried on a bunch of lipsticks for everyday use and settled on Brave, a beautiful pinky-neutral that glides on to the lips to finish off an everyday makeup look. Two years on and I never leave the house without a lipstick in my bag which I am forever re-applying.
So, after that pre-amble of my relationship with lipstick, although I love it, I am quite picky when it comes down to what I buy and wear. Although in the beauty world £15 isn't too bad a price for a high-end lipstick, I still don't want to spend that money on a lipstick that I won't get use of. It is for this reason that my lipstick collection is fairly small. (Don't confuse this with my lip product selection - this is rather large!) This then leads me on to my latest purchase of a Mac lipstick and a Mac lip liner.
I wanted to find the perfect lipstick for the Autumn and Winter months. I love the plum and brown lipsticks that I know are very on trend for this time of year, however I'm just not too sure if I can pull them off. I have very dark brown hair but quite a pale completion and I find that if I wear too dark a lipstick I look extremely washed out. I quite like to keep my eyes as a focal point when doing a full face of make up and I find that dark lips just draw that attention away.
Whilst I was in Toronto, Canada a few weeks ago, I was looking though the Mac lipsticks which were being sold for 20 Canadian Dollars. At the conversion rate of nearly two dollars to the pound, this made the lipsticks basically £10 each which is a third off the UK price. For this reason I was determined to find my 2015 Autumn/Winter lipstick. I had my eye on Lady Danger and after many a swatch, one of the shop assistants sat me down to try out some new lipsticks. After explaining to me that the new Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus was basically the same colour and formula as Lady Danger, yet all of the proceeds minus VAT, go to an Aids charity, I was pretty much sold. You can read my post of the previous Viva Glam by Miley here.
The colour is beautiful and I feel as though it really suits my skin tone and hair colour. It is a nice twist from a classic red as it has a slightly orange hue to it. It can drag a little on the lips merely because it is more matte in it's finish. However I usually have to apply some sort of lip balm before lipstick products anyway. It's longevity is so good, I can apply it before work and after many a cup of tea, I don't need to re-apply until after lunch. I feel as thought the shade is very on trend right now, and I struggle to find an outfit that this lipstick doesn't go with. It is so easy to wear during the day because of its orange tinge, yet is still red enough to be worn as an evening lipstick. I think it looks great as an Autumnal Lipstick yet will still look great on the build up to the festive season. I also bought a lip liner in He Said She Said which is part of their pro-Longwear range. A brilliant shade that can be used with multiple shades of red lipstick. It glides on like a dream and I really feel that it compliments my lipstick brilliantly. It provides a much more precise and even edge, and stops my lipstick from bleeding.
I am so happy with my find and have been loving wearing my new Mac combo. What lipstick shades do you like to use at this time of year? Do you like to use lip liner?