Seventeen BB All in one magic makeup...
Before I went on holiday a few weeks ago I wanted to find I new base to take away with me. We looked at the weather forecast before we flew over to the states and New York was having a crazy heat wave. I also knew that we would be out of the hotel for most of the day so I needed something that would be long lasting, but wouldn't be too heavy on my skin.
Seventeen's Blemish Balm stood out to me as it wasn't a foundation yet still offered a good amount of cover, and it also had an SPF of 25 which would be ideal when walking around in the sunshine. It has a lovely creamy consistency not too dissimilar to that of a tinted moisturiser. Because of this I tend to use my fingers to apply the product as I find that it blends into the skin a lot easier.
I am really impressed with this base product, especially as it is a high-street, last minute purchase that I had done no re-search on. The longevity is so good. I would apply this base before breakfast, and not come back to the hotel gone 10pm and my skin still looked great. Granted it wasn't perfect but it was still there hiding blemishes. The colouring is a little limited but luckily for me 'Light' suited my completion just right and gave me a slight healthy glow.
What I really enjoyed about this product was the fact that it didn't even feel as though I had anything on my skin. It was so light-weight, yet offered so much more coverage than I was expecting from a BB cream. It was the bargain price of just £6.99 which I think is brilliant! It genuinely feels like much more of a high-end product and I would be willing to pay a lot more for it.
What base products have you been loving lately?