Autumn is well and truly here, but I was still clinging to the last few days of summer this September...
This is an extremely lightweight base that offers a surprising amount of coverage. Although there isn't a huge range of shades, Natural, was the perfect shade for my skin tone and compliments my skin very well. It does a perfect job of smoothing out the skin's surface, it evens out skin tone and provides a flawless and dewy finish that is very natural looking. It is perfect for no-makeup, makeup days and when applied with concealer creates an almost full coverage whist allowing your skin to still breathe.
I love love love this product from Aussi. It does wonders for my hair and I have been loving using it this past month as it has been quite a sunny, summery month and my hair has needed a little more TLC. I like to use it every couple of washes to give the ends of my hair an extra dosage of hydration. It leaves my ends feeling lovely and silky soft and I feel it improves the overall condition of my hair.
I took this little pallet away with me on holiday and it was a perfect travel companion. I wrote a full review of this product earlier on in the year which you can read here. It is basically an entire face of makeup minus base products. The eye shadows can easily create a range of day and night looks and the blusher and bronzer are a flattering colour for most skin-types in my eyes. The soft brown eye liner is so complimentary above and below the lash line and I haven't stopped using it, even whilst I have been back in the UK.
I was given this pore-reducing matte powder last year and I never felt that I needed such a matte finish to my makeup. I usually opt for more of a dewy, hydrated sort of appearance, however, due to the weather this past month, I have needed a little extra shine-control in my T-Zone. I remembered that I had this powder and it is great at keeping shine at bay and I haven't had to top up my makeup during the days that I have applied this on a morning. It is on the higher end of the scale in terms of price, but if you suffer with a shiny T-Zone and feel like you're constantly having to top up your powder, I would highly recommend this product. 
As it is now October and Autumn in well and truly here, it is time for the bright pinks and coral lipsticks to be put away until spring 2016. So for this past month I have been using my Topshop Peach Lipstick to the max, in order to get my fix before it gets put away. It is a lovely lipstick which is very smooth and long-lasting on the lips. It is very flattering as it makes you're teeth look whiter and compliments a tanned completion perfectly.
What have you been loving this September?