I am a huge lover of face masks and they have become an essential part of my skincare routine. I feel as though there are lots of different types of face masks which all offer different benefits for your skin. Here is a selection of the face masks that I have currently been using and loving of late. I am in no way saying that everyone needs to apply four different face masks a week, just that I have a few favourites that I like to use at different times for different reasons.

This Balance mask from Brodie and Stone is the latest addition to my face mask collection and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites. This is a clay based mask which helps to purify your skin and get rid of impurities. What I like most about it though is that it isn't drying on the skin. I really enjoy a good clay mask but I find that sometimes they can dry out my skin a little bit. This Snake Venom mask however feels hydrating and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft as well as beautifully toned and cleansed. I like to use this mask about once a week whilst having a pamper or before a night out.

I really enjoy using this Clarins face mask on an evening, perhaps at the weekend after a night out, to give my skin a little extra dose of moisture. I feel as though after an evening of heavy make up and drinking my skin craves some extra hydration. Although I have some fantastic moisturisers, I feel that sitting and relaxing with this on my skin is exactly what it needs.


Whilst my Clarins Hydra Quench cream mask is great for hangover days, this little beauty from NUXE Paris is a great weekly staple. I like to apply this mask on a weekly basis regardless of what I have been doing the night before as I feel as though my skin requires a mask to provide moisture as well as one that helps to purify my skin. This is great for that as my skin is left feeling smoother and plumper and nicely hydrated.

This Exuviance masque is another new addition to my face mask collection. If you're not too familiar with the Exuviance brand they are a brilliant skincare brand that catagorise their products into skincare types and needs. This face mask is especially designed for a combination skin which is what I have. So it isn't too harsh yet helps to purify and tone my skin getting rid of nasty little impurities.

What do you like to achieve from a face mask? What are you favourites?