I struggle to motivate myself to work out at the best of times, never mind when it is freezing cold and starts to get dark at 5pm. I am a member of Pure Gym which is a really affordable and simple gym with lots of cardio and muscle toning machines. During the lighter and warmer months I tend to go to the gym on an evening and at the weekends. However, because my gym is a car journey away and I can't drive I have to rely on my boyfriend being able to give me a lift. He is an absolute gym nut so he is very willing but I find that it is me lacking in motivation when it gets to this time of year. So, by way of motivating myself I thought I would write a exercise motivation post, which may also provide some help and advice for you.


Pure Gym offers a huge range of work out classes as do most gyms. A good way to motivate yourself is to put  your name down to go to one of these classes in advance. That way you are in the mind set of working out and it is a little harder to decide not to go. It is also good because you don't have to think too hard about your work out as someone is there telling you what to do so you can just focus on the work out in the moment.


My mum is a Yoga teacher and I find that going to a regular class outside of the gym is a really nice way to sneak in a bit of exercise. It is nice to get into a bit of a routine so that you know that you will be doing at least an hour and a half work out at least once a week. Yoga is a really nice excise to provide a bit of a break from the cross-trainer as it is a really toning and relaxing way to work out. Working out with a group can also be quite motivating as you don't feel as though all of the pressure is just on you.


If you are really struggling to motivate yourself to get out of the house to exercise there are also some great fitness apps that you can use to help you work out at home. One that I have just got is the 30 Day Ab Challenge app. This app provides you with a daily checklist of ab exercises which you can tick off once you have completed them. It sends you little reminders to complete the tasks each day and there is something very satisfying about ticking off a daily exercise.


Another way to work out from home is exploring the amazing world of YouTube. There are loads of great work out videos and channels on YouTube so you don't have to leave your home to have a quick cardio sesh. I would really recommend having a look at the lovely guys from Yoogaia. They are a Yoga and Pilates company that specialise in creating classes tailored to the customer. It is great for those that can't get to the gym or work out classes and you can also use your webcam and get feedback from instructors as though you are in a real class.

How do you motivate yourself to work out during winter?