I made a promise to myself that I would read more books this year and lately I seem to have been on a bit of a roll. I am a member of a local book club so I tend to read a least one book every four weeks but it seems I have been a bit more of a book worm of late.
THE MINATURIST - JESSIE BURTON: This is a wonderfully captivating story about a young girl in the mid-1800s that marries a ship merchant from Amsterdam. As a wedding present her husband buys Nell a dolls house, an exact replica of their home, which she fills using the services of a local miniaturist. I love that this historical novel has a thriller-like element as the story holds many twists and turns for all of the characters involved.
THE ROSE OF SEBASTOPOL - KATHARAIN MCMAHON: This was one of my book club historical fiction novels written about three young friends and their love for one another. This is a complex love story between a young doctor, his cousin and her childhood friend. It was a little too focused on the relationships between these three characters for my liking, as I would have preferred a bit more of a true-to-life story rather than an unrealistic love triangle.
WHEN RABBIT HOWLS - BY THE TROOPS FOR TRUDDI CHASE: This was such a fantastic read. Although I would suggest a strong stomach if you are to read this book, it is a brilliant insight into the world of split personalities. The volume is written by the various different personalities that make up 'The Woman' who went for therapy after experiencing blackouts and memory loss. The book follows the journey the woman and her therapist take in order to discover her past and work out why she is the way she is.
FIRE AND SWORD - SIMON SCARROW: I really enjoyed this book, another historical fictional novel that was a part of my book club. It was a bit different to what I am used to from a historical fiction as I would describe it as quite masculine. Usually I find that many historical fiction novels focus heavily on the relationships between the characters whereas Fire and Sword was very war based, opting for more detailing of the battles and military action. It was a fast paced interesting book nonetheless and I would highly recommend it.
What have you been reading lately?