Although I naturally have pretty thick hair, and due to my length quite a lot of it, I struggle to maintain volume when it comes to my roots. My hair is quite heavy and so I have to be careful if I am wearing it down as it can quite often pull and make my hair unbelievably flat at my roots which swamps my face, gets in the way and overall, just does not look good. I have tried many a product in an attempt to volumise my hair from the roots and make it stay in place all day/evening.

I was given a miniature bottle of the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray a while ago and I had never really picked it up. I had run out of my regular hair spray however and decided to give this one a try. I think that I was initially put off using it because it is such a watery liquid. I thought that it would make my hair look wet or take forever to dry and so it remained at the back of my cupboard.

However, I have really loved using this product on my hair of late as I feel as though it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what I want from a hairspray:

It volumises my hair from the root without having to use loads of product

It doesn't leave a sticky residue 

My hair looks light and flexible 

It holds a style for a long, long time

At £22 it can seem a little expensive for hairspray, however, I find that I only need a few sprays to keep my hair in place - and I have an awful lot of hair! I just really fell in love with the product which is why I decided to buy a full sized bottle and keep the miniature for when I go away!

What are your thoughts on Bumble and Bumble products?