I recently took full advantage of the amazing Christmas Gift 3 for 2 offer at Boots the other week and picked up some great bargains. Although I am sure the gift sets are designed as presents, I bought most of them for myself! One of the gifts sets I picked up was this makeup brush collection from Seventeen. 

I used  to buy most of my make up from Seventeen when I was in my early teens as it was cheap and a well known brand. I felt as though I out grew it however as some of the packaging and branding seemed to be a little childish. Over the last few years however, I feel as though Seventeen as a brand has evolved and matured and the quality of the products has greatly improved. I have tried the odd product over the last few years but it is only now that I am truly realising how much of a great high-street makeup brand Seventeen has become.

As I have been pretty impressed with the makeup from late I decided to try their makeup brush range. I am so happy with the quality of these brushes as they are beautifully soft yet firm and easy to apply make up with. Within this pack I received one face brush that is great for applying highlighter to the tops of my cheek bones, the centre of my nose and along my brow bone. There was also a lip brush in the set which is slim enough to provide a precise line yet wide enough to pick up a sufficient amount of product. The three remaining are all eye brushes which I plan to use for eye shadow. It is nice to have a few different shaped eye shadow brushes to create different looks and be able to blend shades as well as having defined lines.

Although the packaging is quite girly I think the design of the brushes is very smart with a different bold colour marking which area of the face the brush is designed for. I really like the black fibres with the cream tips as well, as it is always a good indicator as to how much product should be applied. The brushes are also really affordable and a great addition to any make up lovers collection either as a treat for yourself or as a Christmas present.

Have you tried Seventeen's make up brushes?