I love being at home on an evening in winter. The build up to Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year. I love getting excited about the big day and it makes the darker nights and colder weather a bit more fun. I thought I would share a list of the tops things I like to do on a chilly winter's eve when I am at home.

1. Light candles
2. Get changed into my lounge wear
3. Watch a Christmas film
4. Watch a Disney film
5. Have a bath
6. Put on a face mask
7. Paint my nails
8. Have a hot chocolate
9. Catch up on a Netflix series, or start one
10. Read a book
11. Do some blogging
12. Make a list 
13. Plan a weeks worth of meals or outfits
14. Re-organise my wardrobe
15. Write Christmas cards
16. Wrap Christmas presents
17. Clean my makeup brushes
18. Plan some blog posts
19. catch up with my favourite YouTubers
20. Re-organise my makeup stash
21. Do some online shopping
22. Make a really nice tea
23. Crack open a tub of Heros
24. Make a Christmas wish list
25. Create a Christmas playlist

What do you like to do on a chilly winter's eve?