There are days when I just don't want to wear too much makeup yet still want to do my face and look as though I have made an effort. On these days I tend to go for a very light base that will provide a healthy glow. I have found that these four products help to achieve this look with a little bit of shimmer and a light dewy base.


I recently picked up highlighter from Seventeen which is a really versatile product. I have actually read quite a lot of reviews of this product and have been meaning to buy it for quite a while now. It is extremely light-weight and very easy to blend into the skin. I like to apply it after my moisturiser has sunk in, just before applying my tinted moisturiser. It can be worn of the top of makeup, but I feel as though it creates a light shimmery base when applied underneath the base product.


I have been loving this tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier of late which I bought on my recent trip to Sephora in New York. I have learnt that for  best results it is good to blend small amounts of the product at a time using my fingertips. It is so light on the skin, so much so that I feels as though I'm not wearing any makeup which is key when wanting a no-makeup makeup look. It doesn't hide imperfections too well so I tend to apply a few dabs of concealer if needed, but it provides a very natural finish which I quite like.


Once my base is complete I have been using this Bronze Shimmer Brick, again from Seventeen. I love that it has four different shades to it as you can almost create a slight contouring look and provide a little more definition. I don't usually tend to apply this much shimmer to my face as I tend to opt for a more matte finish. However, when I am wearing lighter makeup I feel as though a little shimmer provides a nice glow to my complexion.


To finish off the natural no makeup makeup look I like to apply a little blusher to my cheeks. I have been loving this little warm pink one from Tarte, which I also bought whilst I was in New York from Sephora. Not only is the packaging beautiful and girly, the product itself is also really good. It is a lovely affordable range and the pigmentation of the blusher is very full so only a small amount of product is needed to create a lovely natural look.

What products do you like to use to create a light shimmery base?