During the winter months my lips can become quite dry and chapped and I tend to give them a little extra TLC at this time. As well as ensuring that I drink plenty of fluids I always make sure that I carry a lip balm of some sort with me. I am a huge lover of Carmex and usually have my Classic Carmex balm in my handbag. It is such a nourishing balm that is easy to wear, isn't sticky and instantly makes my lips feel hydrated. It is a great product to wear under lipsticks as well with it having a translucent formula. I have also been loving the Carmex Moisture Plus which is a little easier to apply with it being in pen-like packaging, which also has a slight pink hue to it which makes it ideal to wear it's own. 
I have recently bought three miniatures of the Benefit Cosmetics Tinted Balms which came in a triple pack from Sephora. Benefit have developed their ever famous Cheek and Lip Tints into a beautifully hydrating tinted balm. There is the Bene Balm which is their classic red, Posie Balm which is a soft pink and Cha Cha Balm which has a soft orange tinge to it. These are perfect to keep your lips really hydrated yet still have a little colour on your lips throughout the day.
I also find that a little exfoliation can do my lips a world of wonder when my lips are extremely dry. To continuously apply lip balm to chapped lips will only nourish the top layer of skin. When my lips are feeling particularly dry I like to use a lip exfoliator and this one from Etre Belle is really nice and gentle on the lips. It is quite a strange sensation and the will power not to lick your lips is unbearable but it really is worth it once the product is washed off.
What are your winter lip saviours?