I have loved taking the time to read, and for the last few months I have wanted to make this a part of my daily routine. It has been really nice going to bed a little earlier than usual and putting time aside to get away from everyday life and escape into a good book. I have read a bit of  mixture of late and thought that I would share my four most recent reads.
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll: I grew up a huge Disney fan and so naturally loved their brilliant adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. I decided that it was time to read the books and I have really enjoyed them. It was really fun to escape with Alice into Wonderland and read a little more in depth about each of the characters that Alice meets along the way. I can see it being a book that I pick up time and time again.
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens: I have always loved the story of A Christmas Carol and much like Alice in Wonderland I felt it was time to read the book. It was a lovely festive read that really got me into the sprit of Christmas. It also has such a beautiful cover that is part of the Waterstone's Cloth Bound book series.
Painter Of Silence - Georgina Harding: This was a beautiful and delicate story between two Russian childhood friends and how their relationship was effected during the war. It was quite a quick read which was very easy to escape into.
Pretty Honest - Sally Hughes: I think that this book is on every beauty bloggers must read list. I ended up borrowing it from my local library and it was a really interesting read. I liked that you don't need to read it cover to cover in order, you can easily dip in and out reading chapters as and when you want to. It is filled with some great hints and tips talking all things beauty.
What have you been reading lately?