Wrapping Christmas presents is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. I know some people absolutely hate this part of the festive process but I love getting all of my presents together, putting on some festive tunes, pouring myself a glass or two of mulled wine and getting my wrap on.

I usually like to have a bit of a theme when I wrap presents, for no one else's pleasure really but my own (because why will my brother care if his present is wrapped in the same paper as my Grandma!?) but it looks pretty under the tree before handing them out. There are lots of different ways to wrap up your presents whether it's with paper, in gift boxes or in bags. I thought I would share a few of my favourite things that I have found this year to wrap up your Christmas presents. 

I am a huge lover of all things paperchase and this love only intensifies during the festive period. They always have such an amazing range of Christmas products and one of my favourites is always their gift boxes. They usually bring out a couple to choose from and each design is created in small, medium and large sizes. With the largest gift box only costing £4.25 it is such good value for money as the box is a gift in itself that can be used and brought out year after year. 

Lush have had these silk/fabric gift wraps on sale for quite a while now however they have recently just brought out a brand new Christmas range. The idea is that you wrap your gifts in one of these fabric gift wraps which are not only beautifully cute wrapping products but are also re-usable and a gift in itself. These wraps can easily be worn as a festive scarf or the person receiving the gift can use it themselves to wrap up a present next year. It is a beautiful way to wrap your presents whilst doing your bit for the environment as it'll save on waste and paper. 

Last year I bought all of my wrapping paper from Next. Slightly extravagant I know as it wasn't a whole load of paper for quite a high price. However, they had some great designs on really high quality paper and they were also selling gift packs with four rolls of paper with bows, ribbon and gift tags, which were also on a three for two offer - not sounding quite so bad now! This year they have the same products for sale but with slightly different designs from last year. I would really recommend these gift packs and the quality of the paper is so so good and it is so lovely that there is a theme and that all of the wrapping paper and accessories match. 

How do you like to wrap your Christmas presents?