Starting my day by putting on my new Christmas jumper from Topshop. It is so soft and easy to wear, I especially love the fact that it isn't overly Christmas-y and too 'in your face'. I didn't have too much of a plan for the day but I needed to get a few more bits and bobs for Christmas and so I took a trip over to Monks Cross which is an open plan shopping centre in York.
After buying all of my last minute presents James came to meet me and we had a cheeky Pizza Hut lunch. As usual we couldn't finish our large cheesy bites pepperoni pizza and so after copious amounts of diet Pepsi and constantly telling each other how full we were, we asked for a take away box and came back home.
Once home I obviously had no choice but to change into my favourite Topshop Joggers and fluffy Primark slippers before giving the house a quick once-over. After we decorated the living room last weekend the house has been a little out of sorts and so it was nice to tidy up and start to get the house ready for the big day.
After a tidy there was nothing left to do but to make myself a nice coffee and sit down to watch one of my favourite Christmas films - The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tonight I have the house to myself so I plan on doing a bit more blogging and having a bit of a pamper night before getting ready for work in the morning.
How has your weekend been? Did you have a lovely Sunday?