I seem to have been getting a little more homely of late. Perhaps it is due to the cold days and dark nights keeping me indoors more than usual, but I seem to have be getting quite house-proud the past few weeks or so. I also seem to have collected a few new additions for my little house and so decided to do a home wear haul of a few bits and bobs I have picked up.



I picked up these beautiful little copper candles from New Look just after Christmas. Originally these beauties were £5.99 each but I only paid £4 for both of them. Such a bargain and they are so pretty. They don't have a scent but they still make my bedroom nice and cosy on an evening which I love. The white fluffy rug was a pre-christmas bargain that James bought for just £10. I love this rug and it looks so cute in our living room. It is super soft and really brightens up the floor and makes the room lovely and cosy. The wicker hearts were a Christmas present from my mum so I'm not too sure where they are from or how much they were. They are so pretty though and really fit with the feel of our home. We are going to hang them on either side of the curtain pole in the living room to add a little extra decoration.


This cute little owl burner was a Christmas present from my Auntie. It has an open back so that you can place a little tee-light candle inside the owl and the light from the flames shines through. It is so cute and sits on our TV table which makes the room feel nice and warm on an evening. These beautiful little glass vintage-style bottles were a Christmas present from James. These are just on our mantle piece but they look so cute and again, really fit into the feel of the house. I am so so happy with our brand new grey, wooden floor that has been fitted into the living room. James' dad came around a few weeks ago to help James fit it and it looks so good. I feel like the house is really starting to become our own now and it making me seriously happy!

What home wear pieces have you picked up lately?