Happy New Year!!

It is the first day of 2016 and I have to say, I am pretty excited. I love the month of January. I know a lot of people find it a bit of a funny month with the cold weather, a lack of money and a feeling of emptiness now that Christmas is completely finished. I see January however as a fresh start, a month to organise and plan for the year a head. 

I thought that rather than create New Year Resolutions or set myself unrealistic goals and aims that I want to achieve by this time next year, I would instead look at improving or changing certain elements of my life and try to move in a more positive direction during 2016.


One of my biggest aims for 2016 is to focus more heavily on my Blog. It is my main hobby and I have so much fun creating and writing posts and content for Madolyn Thinks. After doing Blogmas throughout December it has really inspired me to blog more and so I aim to write six blog posts a week and see how things go. I would love to continue to grow Madolyn Thinks and so I want to invest a lot more time and energy into creating high quality content.


This was one of my aims for last year as well, which I am sure will be on many people's aims for this year too, is to loose some weight and look after my body. It is so easy to not think about what you're eating and to pretend that you are happy with the way you look. But I am starting to feel uncomfortable with they way I look both in and out of my clothes and I want to get my confidence back. I don't think that I desperately need to change my eating habits but I know that I have got into a bad routine of having one too many Netflix sessions and one too few trips to the gym. This year I want to work harder at making myself feel better both inside and out and so I aim to improve this throughout the year. 


In 2016 I definitely want to travel and explore the world a bit more. Now that I am a little more settled and have more of a routine I think it would be great to plan lots of little trips, days out and holidays throughout the year. I want to have a few more holidays in England and explore our beautiful country side more, as well as our city life. Even if it is just for a day, to hop on a train and visit somewhere new - I want to feel as though I am doing *more* with my free time. I really want to go abroad and spend some time in the sun somewhere chilled and relaxed, and maybe visit some more cities in Europe and have time to explore and eat great food and see beautiful sights. 

What are your aims and goals for 2016?