Once the festive period is over things can become a little difficult in terms of money. What with the expense of Christmas and New Year, nights out, presents and lots of new festive gear, once January comes around, pay day seems pretty far away and saving money can become quite problematic. I have a few hints and tips however on how to save your money, especially during this time of year.



This is quite a simple and obvious point to make, but you really can be sat on a potential gold mine within your own home. I have recently had a huge sort through all of my old university text books and filtered through the ones that I no longer need. It only took about an hour to use the ebay app and put all of my books up for sale. It is crazy a how much they are selling for and it is a nice little way to make some money as well as clear some space. You could clear out your wardrobe, shoe and handbag collection on Depop, or even sell DVDs and CD to sites like Music Magpie ect.


Even though the festive season can drain our bank accounts a little bit, the shops are well know for their post Christmas sales. It is good to use these sales to your advantage as you really can pick up some great bargains. Most places have new year sales from clothes and make up to electrics and even utilities so what ever you are in need of, be sure to go hunting in the sales.


Most shops now have one sort of reward system or another. They are well worth looking into, especially if you want to save money. They often have a points scheme whereby you receive a point per pound spent and after you have collected so many you then get money off future sales. Boots have the best reward system by far as you receive four points per pound spent and each point is worth one penny. They often provide double points vouchers and other incentives so it is well worth signing up for. What's more is that these reward cards are totally free - it's a bit of a no brainer. I have loads of these cards and you can save up the points to use at a time when money is a little tight.



If like me you are a huge coffee lover then this can be one of the hardest ways in which to save money. I absolutely adore a 'proper' coffee - instant just doesn't quite hit the spot. Most coffee shops do stamp cards now, where you usually have to buy nine or so coffees to then receive a free one on the house. I like to save up my stamp cards through out the year, so even if one gets full, I like to start a new one and save the full one for a time when I really need a hot latte but can't quite justify spending the money if I am feeling a little short. This way I don't have to miss out.


Lots of money can easily be spent on nights out, the cinema, meals and drinks. I like to take the time to appreciate life at home during these months where money can be a little tight as I feel like this is an area where I can really save money. Investing in Netflix or a box set of a new series will set you back a couple of pounds but will bring many more hours of entertainment than a few cocktails. Likewise, investing £10 or so in a really fun cookbook can give you hours of backing/cooking fun, which would usually only pay for one meal out.


I have always had a little money jar on the side to put spare change into. When times are tight however, the incentive to put money into anything apart from your purse becomes quite challenging. I like to set myself goals however. For example, I have one big money jar which I put all of my 1ps and 2ps into. I then have another jar that I keep 5ps, 10ps and 20ps in. I empty my purse every couple of days or so, not only is it then less to carry around but it also saves a little extra money that I wouldn't necessarily miss on a day to day basis. I have also started to save £2 coins the last few weeks which again helps to put a little extra a side without committing to a huge amount of money.


Do you have any hits and tips on how to save money?