Now that the first week back at work has ended and all of the festivities are over, I am have had a huge spring clean of the house this weekend. I love that in January it feels like a breath of fresh air with the chance to re-organise, make plans can have a clear out to replace the old with the new.

For me it feels like the ideal time to have a sort out and this is for a number of reasons; it is a new year which means a fresh start, the rush of Christmas has gone, purse strings are pulled a bit tighter so money can't be spent on lots of evenings out, weather is rubbish so indoor activities are a must, lots of new presents in need of new homes... need I go on?

Watch my Weekend Vlog to find out everything that I got up to which mainly consists of cooking, eating, tidying and organising. This is my first ever YouTube video so please be nice. I have been wanting to venture out into the world of YouTube for a while now and thought that with it being a new year and everything, there was no time like now. I hope you enjoy!

Do you like to re-organise your living space at the start of a New Year?