As much as I like to be organised and have a routine, I feel that as of late I have fallen out of sync. When I started 2016 I had set myself some aims and goals for the year and for whatever reason I seem to have lost my focus a little bit. This post is a few little things that I feel I need to work on in order to get my everyday life back on track.


I feel as though my mornings have become a bit of a blur, bumbling around the house, trying to decide what to wear, rushing to get my make up done and if I'm lucky, grabbing something on the way out to eat for breakfast. I really feel as though I need to work on my morning routine, up my A-Game and get organised. On morning when I do get up on time have the luxury of getting ready at a slower pace, actually allowing myself to wake up properly and sitting down and having a hearty breakfast, I feel as though my days are as equally calm, focused and positive. The problem I have is being able to get up. So one major thing that I need to work on it getting up with my alarm and developing a proper morning routine to allow a little less stress at the start of each day.


I work a very typical 9-5, Monday - Friday job. When I first left my pervious, zero hour, non routine, weekend and every other week day job I thought that I was heading towards complete and utter bliss. However, what I have grown to realise is that the grass isn't always greener. I thought that having a strict routine with evenings and weekends for my own was going to be amazing, that my life would be much better and that I would be much more organised and get a lot more done. However, I have fallen into this terrible slump of getting home at 5:30, putting my pjs on and raiding Netflix like nobody's business. My weekends seem to be just as bad - I have spent the last three Sundays on my sofa in front of the tv watching back to back Disney movies! 

Therefore, one thing that I seriously need to work on is organising, planning and sorting out my evenings and weekends. I am hoping that with the evenings getting a little lighter of late, it will help to encourage me not to just hoard myself in my house under a blanket, but to arrange plans and focus on the time I'm not at work and see it as time for myself to do something.


One final think that I need to work on is my blog Madolyn Thinks. I started the year with so many plans and so much optimism for my blog and what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I feel as though I have hit a bit of a wall with it of late however and I want this to change. I have upped my posts from 3-4 a week to 6. So now I publish Monday to Friday, skip Saturday and post again on Sunday. I feel like the past few weeks seem to have escaped me and I have been unable to stick to this new schedule that I have created for myself. This is something that I really want to work on though because I really enjoy blogging and everything that comes with it.

Is there anything that you feel you need to work on?