During the winter months it can be a little tricky to maintain silky smooth soft skin. I know that my skin always feels a little dry and dehydrated during this time of year so there are a couple of key products that I like to use to ensure that my skin is silky soft.

I love using this Papaya Shower Gel from The Body Shop. Although it doesn't specify on the bottle that it is a hydrating body wash, my skin definitely feels nourished and hydrated after I have used it. I like to apply a generous amount to a Bath Lily, also from The Body Shop, which froths up the silky soft product and helps to exfoliate the skin. I have also been applying this Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. I don't do this every time I shower but probably about once a week if my skin is feeling particularly dry or if I am having a bit of a pamper session. It is a beautiful oil to apply to the skin and is dispensed with a pump so it isn't messy to use and a controlled amount can be applied. Although it is nearly £10 a bottle, it lasts a long time, especially if you use it as a bit of a pamper treatment like I do.

If you are a regular reader of Madolyn Thinks then you will already know of my ever increasing love for Soap & Glory products. When it comes to creating silky soft skin, Soap & Glory offer a wide range of suitable products. My favourite two to use are The Righteous Body Butter and Pulp Friction. Although you can buy many body butters for much cheaper, this one by Soap & Glory is truly beautiful. It goes on like a dream, soaks into the skin very quickly and smells amazing. It is a really big tub as well, and due to its rich texture only a small amount is needed to provide maximum hydration and silky soft skin. Plus, Boots often have 3 for 2 offers on Soap & Glory products fairly often which makes things a little more affordable.

I also enjoy using Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction Body Scrub to easily create silky soft skin. Sometimes, if I know that I need to quickly shower, get ready and run out of the house, or if I am feeling particularly lazy, I use this and don't bother moisturising. A small squeeze of this orange smelling scrub, rubbed all over your body really leaves it feeling instantly silky smooth. It easily gets rid of dry skin and leaves behind a soft silky feel to the body, without feeling as though you have been rubbed raw.

What products do you like to use to create silky soft skin?