I genuinely cannot believe that I am writing my first favourites post of the year! We are well and truly into 2016 and I am seriously worried about how fast January has been and gone. Having said that I am glad that we have moved into February. I like that January is a time for fresh starts, organisation and planning for the year ahead, but it does seem like a hard month at the same time with the come down from festivities and the never ending wait for payday!

I have been loving a bit of a mixture of beauty products this past month from skincare to perfume, some old favourites and a few new additions.


I have loved applying Brodie and Stone's Vitamin C Facial Serum to my skin first thing on a morning. It really feels as though my skin has become really nourished over the past few weeks and it feels more hydrated but not in any way more oily. I have also been applying Corpore Sano's Eye Cream twice daily to my eye area and it feels so nourished and awake. I also feel like I don't look as tired and my dark circles seemed to have improved quite a bit.


I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with Benefit's The Big Easy. When I first tried it as a base, I really didn't like it. I founding drying on my face, patchy and not at all a match to my skin. However, now that my skincare routine is a little more on track, I feel as though this base works really well with my new and improved hydrated skin. I've been wearing it at work as I don't tend to wear a full face of make up around the office. Benefit Cosmetics' They're Real is an old favourite of mine and it has remained one of my most favourite make up essentials. It is amazing at opening up the eyes and really defining your lashes.


I have loved wearing these Barry M pastel shades this past month. I have already explained my love for pastel shades during this time of year in my Winter Nail Varnish Picks post. These are beautiful, long wearing polishes at such an affordable price. I have also really been loving the Jimmy Choo Flash perfume. It is one of my New Additions To My Perfume Collection and I haven't stopped spraying myself with it since Christmas Day! 

I'm looking forward to the next four weeks. I don't really know why, but I rather enjoy the month of February. It might be something to do with the lighter mornings and evenings, that make me feel a little less like a hermit or just the fact that it is a little closer to Easter time. I have a couple of family birthdays coming up as well as some fun day trips planned over the weekends to come. So far February is shaping up to look like a very fun month!

What beauty products have you loved during January?