As ever, one of my new year aims was to become more healthy. I feel like I have gotten into a bit of a slump and I seem to be finding it hard to motivate myself of late. So I thought it best to take a step back, look at my daily routine and see what aspects I can change or adjust to ensure that I am making little, yet significant, healthier choices.

Swap Tea & Coffee For The Occasional Green Tea - Green tea is knows for its cleansing abilities and the fact that in can increase metabolism. I think that if I swap a couple of my daily teas or coffees for a mug of green tea then it will benefit me a little more in the long run.

Ensure That I Eat Breakfast Everyday - Sometimes it is so easy to lie-in, rush around to get ready for work and skip out on breakfast. However, I am starting to consciously set time aside every morning to ensure that I have a breakfast as it prevents mid-morning snacks, increases focus and concentration and kick-starts daily metabolism.

Take Fruit As An Afternoon Snack - Working a 9-5, Monday-Friday office job can easily create an unhealthy environment when trying to be healthy. Whether it's someone's birthday, someone is leaving, someone is returning ect ect, there always seems to be treats of some sort in our staffroom. I have been making sure that I take some grapes or an apple to work everyday to feed those afternoon sugar cravings without having to cave and eat from the communal treat store.

What tips do you have for making simple daily healthy choices?