I'm not usually a huge accessories lover. I really like pretty jewellery but I don't often wear it on a daily basis, mostly because I tend to forget to put it on. I have three very pretty, sliver rings and a silver hooped earring in the top of my ear that I literally never take off. Necklaces, bracelets and other bits and bobs are usually something that I wouldn't wear day-to-day. However, recently I have been wearing a few more accessories on a daily basis which are so easy to wear and suit practically every outfit.

This purple statement watch was a gift given to me by my Grandma a few years ago. Unfortunately I don't know where it is from but I rediscovered it recently and it has barely left my left wrist. I think a statement piece such as this is a great accessory to own as it can become a feature to your outfit or offer a slightly different look to another wise simple look.

Another accessory that has barely left my wrist of late is this beautiful silver beaded bracelet by Joma Jewellery. This was a lovely Christmas present from my Auntie and Uncle and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect amount of sparkle that is still simple and subtle - very much my taste.

The third and final accessory that I have been loving of late is this simple white rope, anchor bracelet by Coconut Lane. This is a wonderful company that stock a range of quirky, simple and sophisticated products from home wear to jewellery. This bracelet is only £8 and you can use my unique code 'madolyn 20' and save 20% off the whole site.

What accessories have you been loving of late?