It is a funny time of year when we're on the cusp of a change of season. The weather always becomes quite unpredictable with it being cold and rainy in the morning, then bright sunshine and warmer temperatures at lunch, before getting swept away in a blustery wind just before dinner. It can always be a bit tricky when deciding what to wear, which is why this Black Wool Hat has become a fashion staple of mine of late.

I feel as though it is the perfect accessory to ensure that I don't get caught out by the weather. It allows me to wear a lighter jacket as it keeps me a bit warmer, it means that my hair doesn't turn into a frizzy mess if it starts to drizzle outside and it keeps the glare out of my eyes for when the sun does decide to come out strong and bright. It was such a bargain at only £8 from Primark just before Christmas. I have only begun to wear it of a late as I think it looks a bit much with my big coat and scarf. With just a light leather jacket however I think it works wonders as we slowly begin to move from Winter to Spring.

What do you think about wool hats as a fashion staple?


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