I have watched the Disney film of Aladin too many times to remember. It was one of my all time favourite films to watch as a kid, and both me and my brother would watch it repeatedly. I have never read the story book however, and as I made it one of my New Year Goals to read more classic books , I thoughT that I would pick it up and give it a go. The story book is quite different to the Disney-fied version but a good read nonetheless. 

I have read this book so many times. I studied it during my English Literature A-Level, so you'd think I'd be sick of it by now! I think it is such a beautiful and time-less story that I really enjoy coming back too. It is the classic story of Dr Frankenstein and his monster. A brilliant read that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of your reading preference. 

I haven't read anything by Faulkner before and since Sanctuary is considered a classic of his I thought that I would give it a read. It had the promise of being a great story. Set during the prohibition in America, an era I have studied quite heavily in the past, I had fairly high expectations. The main character is young Temple, a girl that runs away from college with a man who abandons her to a group of moonshiners. Temple is abused in the clutches of a horrible character, meanwhile there is a parallel story of a lawyer attempting to solve a shooting, who is suspicious of this same group of moonshiners. It was a bit all over the place for me, I usually enjoy stories that flick between characters, however this felt a little messy for me and I struggled to keep up with what was going on.

I am a big fan of Margaret Atwood and have read a couple of her books in the past, and this one didn't fail to disappoint. It was quite cleverly written and it really kept you wanting more. The main character is telling the story of her life as an old woman set in the present time. She takes you back in time explaining all of the key events that happened in her life, leading her to become what she is today. In the first few pages the reader discovers that her sister died, but before her death wrote a novel called; The Blind Assassin. Between the chapters of the woman's narrative, snippets of The Blind Assassin are inserted and different parts of the woman's past is revealed. It was a great read that I would strongly recommend.

What have you been reading lately?


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