Although a hobby, there are that many elements involved in creating, producing and maintaing a blog that it can take up quite a lot of time. What with creating and thinking up blog post ideas, taking pictures, editing, writing content and then promoting posts, a lot of organisation and forward thinking needs to be applied, especially when working a full time job. 


As I work in an office Monday to Friday, 9am until 5:30pm, I find that when it comes to blogging, organisation in key. Every weekend I set some time aside to decide what blog posts I want to create for the following week. I have created a pretty structured schedule for my blog posts in order to keep myself on track. I usually like to publish 5-6 times a week and so I find it necessary to plan my posts a week in advance to keep me organised. It also means that I can insure that my blog posts are varied and equally spread out rather than having a number of posts in a row all from the same category. 


I like to set time aside on a Sunday morning to take photos for each of my blog posts for the week. I find that taking photographs in natural light creates a much higher quality photo. Once I have organised and decided what my content will be for the up and coming week, I like to take all of my photos in one bulk session. I also find that this saves time as my camera, tripod and photography set up is all out and ready to use.


Once I have organised all of my posts for the week and taken all of my photographs, I like to create new posts onto Blogger, which is my blog's platform, and insert all of the photos onto each new blog post and plan when each will be published. My blogging week starts on a Monday and I publish a new post on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Once this is complete I then get onto writing my content. I try to write as much as I can at the weekends just because I find it easier getting it all typed up when I have time set aside for myself. As I usually have the house to myself on a Sunday, this is when most of the content is written. However, I might save some blog posts to write up later on in the week. Once a post is complete with photographs, content and has been proof-read, I then schedule it to be published.


Social media is one of the best ways I have found to promote my blog, especially Twitter and Instagram. However, it can be difficult using social media, especially because I am in an office eight and a half hours a day without the use of my phone. I like to use Buffer, which is a brilliant little app that allows you to schedule ten tweets at a time. The night before a post is due to go live, I use Buffer to schedule my tweets to promote the post that will go live. This way, whilst I'm working, my posts are getting promoted. I then like to post one or two pictures on to my Instagram feed to promote that days post.

How do you blog successfully with a nine to five job?


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