A little insight to my Easter bank Holiday Weekend with a photo diary, lifestyle post...

Friday morning was a bit of a slow start. After feeling a little tender from the night before (work hosted a 'Champagne Thursday' after hours...) I spent the majority of the morning lying in bed catching up on a few TV shows. After picking up a couple of sandwiches, James and I decided to go for a walk as the weather was so beautiful. We drove over to Strensall Common which is a beautiful walk way only about twenty minuets from our house. We spent a couple of hours walking and exploring, whilst catching up and having a good old natter.

In the evening we went to the Black Swan in York City Centre to watch a charity gig. It was hosted by someone from work in aid of a very charitable cause. There were five acoustic acts which were all really good, and it was fun watching live music again. We ended up meeting a few friends for some drinks afterwards and going for a dance before heading home.

Saturday morning was another slow start, but it was so lovely spending the morning getting to have a lie-in, chilling out in my PJs, and not having to rush to get ready to go somewhere. In the afternoon we headed over to The White Rose Centre in Leeds. We did a bit of shopping and went for a lovely meal at Handmade Burger co. It was such a nice meal but we ordered way too much food and were absolutely stuffed by the time we finished!

After looking in a few more shops we drove over to Leeds Metro Arena. James bought me two tickets to go and see Little Mix for my birthday in September and after much anticipation, the time had finally come to go and see them live! I was so so excited and although we were surrounded by thousands of screaming kids, it was such a fun performance to go and see. The girls were brilliant live, and they all looked absolutely amazing! Their outfits were great and they must have such a high level of fitness as their voices were on point but they didn't stop moving once.

I decided that I needed to be a little more proactive come Sunday so I spent the morning tidying the house, doing washing and all of the boring jobs that seem to get neglected during the week. I then planned out this weeks blog posts and got typing away. Read all about how I organise and schedule my blog posts here. I decided to make my family some Cornflake Easter Chocolate Nests to take over on Sunday night.

At about five my Dad came to pick me up and we had a bonfire. They have a pretty big garden that produces quite a lot of garden waste so it was fun to get all wrapped up and have a fire outside. The wether was being really weird but I got some beautiful shots of rainbows and strange cloud formations.

Monday morning we had a bit of a lie-in the headed back home after spending the night at my parent's house. I spent the day being completely chilled, catching up on TV, watching films and of course, eating lots of Easter Egg chocolate!

I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday, Easter weekend!
What did you get up too?


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