Away | Amy Bloom | Link

This book transported me back to the 1920s in America, to follow a journey taken by a young woman that had lost everything she had ever known. In an effort to reinvent herself Lillian must learn how to survive in a world where Jewish immigrants were not accepted to easily. Once discovering that there is a possibility that her daughter may still be alive in Russia, Lillian makes her way across the United States facing many trials and tribulations in her wake. 

It was a truly heart wrenching story that I couldn't put down. Bloom wrote in such a way that you felt so connected to each character. At each stage in the novel Lillian made constant connections to various characters which were all as unique and troubled as herself. It was an unpredictable read yet still had an easy feel to it as it wasn't overly challenging. It was the first time I have read anything my Amy Bloom but I enjoyed her easy and relaxed writing style that told a complex and busy story line. I would recommend it to those who love a bit of a period drama.

Have you read anything my Amy Bloom before?


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